Neil Young & Crazy Horse
"Feedback is Back" Tour
Chapel Hill, N.C. USA
Dean E. Smith Center

Master Cassette>WAV>FLAC7>Free to Trade
Audience Recording; sitting behind the soundboard

01. Star Spangled Banner
02. Hey Hey, My My
03. Crime In The City
04. Blowin' In the Wind
05. Love to Burn
06. Cinnamon Girl
07. Mansion On the Hill
08. Fuckin' Up
09. Cortez the Killer
10. Powderfinger
11. Love and Only Love
12. Rockin' In the free World
13. Like a Hurricane

oh yea, social distortion and sonic youth opened the show
they were BOOOOOed off stage; they really sucked.

----->Tokemaster Chris' Bootleg
----->converted from cassette & first Traded May 2006
-----*save your tapes!

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