Neil Young w/ CSN

01. Flags of Freedom Tweeter Center, Camden, NJ 2006-07-06
02. After the Garden Hollywood Bowl, Los Angeles, CA 2006-07-31
03. Living With War Hollywood Bowl, Los Angeles, CA 2006-07-31
04. The Restless Consumer Hollywood Bowl, Los Angeles, CA 2006-07-31
05. Shock and Awe Hollywood Bowl, Los Angeles, CA 2006-07-31
06. Families Bethel Woods Center, Bethel, NY 2006-08-13
07. Looking for a Leader Tweeter Center, Camden, NJ 2006-07-06
08. Roger and Out Save Mart Center, Fresno, CA 2006-07-23
09. Star Spangled Banner Save Mart Center, Fresno, CA 2006-07-23
10. Let's Impeach the President Save Mart Center, Fresno, CA 2006-07-23
11. Rocking in the Free World Save Mart Center, Fresno, CA 2006-07-23

I make no apologies for including RITFW or SSB, just wouldn't be the same without them!
Between them, they make an excellent replacement for the last song off the LWW cd
I've tracked by the order songs were played in concert except for 'Looking for a Leader'
which has been played only once this tour.
Maybe they weren't sure what part of the show to play it.
Fits in nicely where I've put it :-)

All songs taken off dime.
I've used addawave to join tracks together to grab the intros from the end of the previous
track where necessary. Normalized files with Wavtrim to play all at the same volume.
Goldwave to crossfade where needed. Plays like one continuous concert - NO fades!

I can't believe that nobody's not done this already!
So here it is in all it's raw and ragged glory.


If you want to convert to mp3, do it. Neil did!!
First uploaded to dime August 22nd 2006

A Rustbucket Production!

Many thanks to the tapers - edtyre, terrapinj and the Irishman

2006-07-06 dpa-4061 > dpa-mps6030 > edirol-r09 (16/44.1)
2006-07-23 Edirol R-09 16/44.1>Soundforge(Normalized)
2006-07-31 722 (24/48) > SoundForge 8.0 > CD Wave 1.94.5
2006-08-13 dpa-4061 > dpa-mps6030 > edirol r09 (24/44.1)

Flac files > TLH > wav > addawave > wavtrim > Goldwave > cd wave editor >FLAC Frontend level 8

01-nyLWW2006-07-06_Flags of Freedom.flac:37e7076c6074200a7eeb335cf3b12179
02-nyLWW2006-07-31_After the Garden.flac:0281ec548be1e299c02f59b7b77ad978
03-nyLWW2006-07-31_Living with War.flac:74414b9c3026c1e77225dbf00f007b25
04-nyLWW2006-07-31_The Restless Consumer.flac:35905757db0bf9c6aacb5a849cad7adc
05-nyLWW2006-07-31_Shock and Awe.flac:5ff46ce0cd46e1989c2625ec4577d024
07-nyLWW2006-07-06_Looking For A Leader.flac:1c3a4764322475a720a9d4e4a9effc1f
08-nyLWW2006-07-23_Roger and Out.flac:7fcf679672c65eb0f4d22e962f10cfbe
09-nyLWW2006-07-23_Star Spangled Banner.flac:8517076b6969e7abbac982c95bb454e6
10-nyLWW2006-07-23_Let's Impeach the President.flac:2cd2695ed123958ca7fa0ebaddefaed6
11-nyLWW2006-07-23_Rockin' in the Free World.flac:8fe9d78f05afaee2d1395df5c4762e48