Boston Waterfront Festival
Boston, MA
May 15, 1977

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01. Intro
02. Cecilia
03. Rocket In My Pocket
04. It Feels Good
05. Mambo Jumbo
06. Ridin' In My Car
07. Honey Hush
08. Magnet
09. Still In School
10. All By Myself
11. That's All
12. Do You Feel It?
13. Right String (But The Wrong Yo-Yo)
14. Outro

A short but impressive set from Al Anderson-era NRBQ performed at the Boston Waterfront Festival. Don't know much about the event except that it was presented by radio station WCAS AM-740 in Cambridge, MA. WCAS was a daylight AM station (broadcasting from dawn to dusk) which existed as a folk music then alt-folk-rock-jazz station from the mid-70's to 1981. They used to broadcast live from Passim's in Havard Square on a regular basis (I have a copy of their Tom Waits shows straight off their reel which I may post soon) though I believe this is one of the few remotes they did from another location.

Terry Adams with Roswell Rudd and band
location and date unknown

15. Ugly Beauty (Monk)
16. Peggy (Adams) (fades early)
17. Old 52nd St. Rag (Herbie Nichols)

Received under mysterious circumstances and still clueless about any specifics regarding these performances. I've had these since the late's 80's which might support the theory that they were recorded around the time that NRBQ and Rudd recorded backing tracks for John Sebastian's songs from "The Care Bears Movie"(!)

Hope you dig 'em!

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