Ominous Seapods
August 13, 2005
Jam Stage
Gathering Of The Vibes
Indian Lookout Country Club
Mariaville, NY

source: Neumann KM184> PS-2> AD-20> optical> JB3
[FOB DIN 90*]

transfer: JB3> firewire> Soundforge 6.0> cdWave> FLAC Frontend

taped/transfered by Rob Clarke

****** Please do not trade this recording in Lossy formats ******

disc 1:
01. Blackberry Brandy
02. Jet Smooth Ride
03. Waiting for the Bomb to Drop ->
04. Passengers en Route
05. The Pull From Adirondack Blue
06. Money to Burn
07. Bong Hits & Porn
08. Leaving The Monopole