Osborne Brothers
Lake Norman Bluegrass Festival
Lake Norman Music Hall
Terrell, NC

Source: Unknown condenser mic (placed right below single stage mic) > 1966 Wollensack 4-track reel recorder

Bobby Osborne - guitar
Sonny Osborne - banjo
Dale Sledd - guitar
Ronnie Reno - bass



Set 1: Friday afternoon

01. (intro)
02. I'll Be Alright Tomorrow*
03. Nine Pound Hammer
04. Roll On Muddy River
05. (chatter)
06. Kentucky
07. Bugle Call Rag
08. If Only I Could Count on You
10. You Don't Have Very Far to Go
11. Sure-Fire
12. Making Plans
13. Son of a Sawmill Man
14. Cuckoo Bird

*-vocals are very low in the mix

Set 2: Friday evening

15. (chatter)
16. Let's Be Sweethearts Again
17. Shuckin' the Corn
18. Up This Hill and Down
19. Ruby
20. Rocky Top



Set 3: Saturday afternoon

01. Salty Dog
02. Walking the Floor Over You
03. (chatter)
04. This Heart of Mine
05. Bugle Call Rag
06. Cut the Cornbread
07. Making Plans
08. Hey Hey Bartender
09. You Don't Have Very Far to Go
10. Paddy on the Turnpike

Set 4: Saturday night

11. (announcements)
12. Roll On Muddy River
13. Nine Pound Hammer
14. Making Plans
15. Bugle Call Rag (incomplete - sounds like a kid comes onstage and does something to the banjo. chaos ensues.)
16. Bugle Call Rag (complete)
17. (chatter)
18. Days of Wine and Roses (tape flip after song)
19. (chatter)
20. Surefire
21. Memories
22. Up This Hill and Down
23. Hey Hey Bartender (x)


Notes on the festival recordings:

Dates are most likely Nov. 3-5, 1967, those seem correct due to a number of factors. Stage chatter and band personnel are the main clues.

I did my best to figure out which sets happened on which days, though sometimes it was difficult. Some are guesses and may be incorrect.

Recording: Tom Isenhour
Transfer: Jim Moss
Tracking: Ryan Baker

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