Oteil and the Peacemakers
Wanee Festival
Live Oak, FL
15 April 2006

Source: Studio Projects LSD2 (blumlein) > Edirol UA5 (Oade warm) > JB3
Location: directly FOB, DFC, small stage
Transfer: JB3 (usb) > iMac. Tracked via Sound Studio, FLAC via xACT

Recorded and transferred by Alex Leary

Disc One

01. No More Doubt
02. Time Won't Tell
03. You Got Me Floating
04. Blue Eyed Savior
05. Intros > Pull Together
06. Butter Biscuit
07. Too Many Times
08. Hit The Hay
09. Manic Depression

Disc Two

01. Green Eyed Lady
02. Get Ready
03. Rooster
04. Stand Up People

oteil2006-04-15d1t01.flac: efc6dc933c3c192ba13a2813a6d51df8
oteil2006-04-15d1t02.flac: bd0df0fa9b4df0f7f064f12c8647f361
oteil2006-04-15d1t03.flac: 62b9300b5ef74b5a3de0a33a19f0ce78
oteil2006-04-15d1t04.flac: ca553e8fb87b1c1e313e49df0dc02ef1
oteil2006-04-15d1t05.flac: 540598417dd3892cae84f366662f7944
oteil2006-04-15d1t06.flac: 499e79945cb20df871715757da2b61b5
oteil2006-04-15d1t07.flac: dd80bae39dc3ffa70867264595af2359
oteil2006-04-15d1t08.flac: cb8c7df1109f9fab96e7ceaacde4d290
oteil2006-04-15d1t09.flac: e5086a1672479452190d0e9c282f82e4
oteil2006-04-15d2t01.flac: 28e3507fab92aa4e66522ed5688f7204
oteil2006-04-15d2t02.flac: b959e798be2ccc6410ac62133a28b9e7
oteil2006-04-15d2t03.flac: 544bc62289d2f53f8bbcfd68a26acab3
oteil2006-04-15d2t04.flac: 213874e4418558ccd2beb65d9b8b13a9