Otis Rush: Cambridge, Club 47, 1/18/67 2nd gen sbd! Disc 1

Hey friends, hereīs the last of the legendary Cambridge 1966/1967 recordings, peviously not torrented here!
Since my own copy has some printthrough, Iīm torrenting Taperpatīs copy!
Many thanks to Taperpatfor sending it to me and sharing with us!

This is the earliest known complete Live Show by Otis. A hot and wild performance by one of the Greatest in Classic Blues!
The sound quality is comparable to my previous Buddy Guy Cambridge torrent!
MP 3 sample below!

A great show by Otis
Disc 1
Set 1
01 Everyday I look for Sunshine
02 Chicken Shack pt.1
03 Chicken Shack pt.2
04 Bennyīs Boogaloo
05 Get off my Life Woman
06 Hold on Iīm coming
07 Stand by Me
08 Everyday I look for Sunshine
09 Hold it
Set 2
10 Honky Tonk
11 I donīt know whatīs wrong with my Baby
12 Long tall Sally
13 Mean & evil Woman
14 Up in here
CD2( not included here, will follow after Disc 1 has enough seeders)
01 Itīs my own Fault Baby
02 Hold it
03 Chitlins con carne
04 I feel good
Set 3
05 Please, Please, Please
06 Got my Mojo working
07 Three times a Fool
08 Honky Tonk
09 Help me
10 You send me(cut)

? : dr/
? : b//
? : sax
Benny :voc
Otis Rush: voc, g

2nd Gen reel-Playback on Revox A 77 - Phillips CDR 785-CDR-
My CDR- EAC- flac-

Enjoy this great piece of Blues History!