Stella Blue - Asheville, NC
June 11, 2003

Source: DSBD > Sony D8 (RCA)
Transfer: D8 > Audiophile 2496 > Soundforge > CDWav >SHN (Seek Tables Appended)
Taper: Dave Wilson (
Transfer: Cliff Lawless and Dave Wilson

Disc One Set One
1. Fox Force 5*
2. Launchpad
3. The National Anthem
4. Pipedream
5. Yerba Mate**
6. Below Radar
7. 7 Minutes (Til Radio Darkness)

Disc Two Set Two
1. Free Jam >
2. Girth of A Nation
3. Reed's Revenge
4. We Are The Robots
5. Zia

Setlist Notes: Provided by Erik Koral
* Final name for the tune which came from a jam before Golden Gator at the Fox in Boulder in March.
It was then called "Cats Balls" at Area 51. Now its a complete song and was named after a fictional
TV show in the movie Pulp Fiction.

** Hitchcock Speaks!

Taper Notes:
Level adjustment during "Pipedream" - Sorry, was bartending during first set, and was lucky I got
the deck started on time.

md5 Checksum:

d57e7f0c4f4041f35ea3cdd592f997d1 *particle2003-06-11d101.shn
3f43bd1b567db9c7593c2f8dd53b84ef *particle2003-06-11d102.shn
a9f29a062d60563e745141b5a345868c *particle2003-06-11d103.shn
8fa987a6cf271f955c94adefbfc1b2ef *particle2003-06-11d104.shn
81866ce73a3b9ffb66712d7143381641 *particle2003-06-11d105.shn
d1a020b62deb149dce89c7c955945b6b *particle2003-06-11d106.shn
86f6c130de6b1a5d6f59151757c8c497 *particle2003-06-11d107.shn

8959e7d2c7b3003b6493954252129a7b *particle03-06-11d201.shn
af94716c304edb94e822d1ea4233caa0 *particle03-06-11d202.shn
31bc94a3d5dea94427c94bfaf53ee438 *particle03-06-11d203.shn
7e4cc575409b33dc5777e19d553a1d3d *particle03-06-11d204.shn
da7d236899680691c568d0d7af886724 *particle03-06-11d205.shn