February 24, 2005
Birmingham, AL

General note: Real Image Recording was selling the soundboard recording at the show, except they left off
the last two songs, selling only 2 disc instead of 3, and not telling anyone. I don't know if Particle knows,
but that's pretty weak.

Source: SBD>Sony MD Walkman MZ-R70 (great quality despite mini-disc)

transfer: Sony MD Walkman MZ-R70> mini stereo to mini stereo> The WavNormalizer>
cdWave> FLAC Frontend

taped/transfered by DJ Jazzy Jeff & Mr. P

****** Please do not encode to lossy formats for trading ******

The above is very important... keep the quality up.

disc 1 (set 1):
1. Launchpad
2. National Anthem
3. Roads a Breeze
4. W
5. Denmark
6. Eye of the Storm

disc 2 (set 2):
1. Metropolis
2. Mind Over Matter
3. The Banker
4. Sun Mar 11

disc 3
1. Other Desert Cities
2. Particle talking
3. [jimi hendrix cover?]
4. Elevator

Special Thanks to slicky dickey and curtis mayfield for the sound bites. This was a very a great
show....very high energy of course and the recording has good sound.