Paradise Rock Club
Boston, MA

Source: AKG 391's(DIN)>Audio Magic Hyper-Conductors>Deneke PS-2>Audio Technica CP8201 transformers>Nomad JB3 .wav @ 44.1

Mic Placement: FOB, DFC, 6ft from stage

Transfer: JB3>firewire>pc>CD Wave> Flac Frontend 1.7.1

Taped and Transfered by Jason Adler Jason at Galactic-Trading dot com

Disc 1
set 1:
1. Simulator
2. Keepers>
3. Ghost Jam*
4. Mind Over Matter
5. Suck My Kiss
6. Eye Of The Storm

Disc 2
set 2:
1. E-Pro
2. Silver Lining
3. The Elevator
4. The Other One>Sun Mar 11
5. Are You Gonna go My Way?

*Charlie played guitar over a mystery pulse of sound
while the crowd clapped in time