Pat Metheny Group
Madison, WI, USA
28 May 1978
Source: WIBA FM Radio Broadcast
Sound Quality: A/A-

Original seed by metro_cubo ( No Lineage

DIME->FLAC->FLAC Frontend->WAV->Edits done by pbuzby using Goldwave, EAC Append and CDWav->Re-encoded to FLAC

Patch for D2T4 from the PMG Companion prepared by Jim Leonard

Pat Metheny: Guitar
Lyle Mays: Piano, Synthesizers, Autoharp
Mark Egan: Bass
Dan Gottlieb: Drums

1. Phase Dance (fades in)
2. O Grande Amor
3. Guitar Solo
4. Lakes
5. River Quay
6. Bright Size Life
7. Meantime
8. Wrong Is Right (cuts during Pat's solo)
9. Phase Dance
10. April Joy

1. Unity Village
2. Guitar Solo - The Windup
3. The Epic (cuts near end)
4. The Other Way Up (patched 0:00-7:04)
5. Jaco
6. San Lorenzo
7. Lone Jack
8. American Garage