**Most likely this is The Jonese set from this show so please be
**aware of this when you download. Please read the bottom info.

Goddard College - Plainfield, VT
With the Jonese opening

Source: SBD > Cass/x > DAT
Transfer: Sony TCD-D7 > SP/DIF > Korg 1212 I/0 > 48k->44.1k Cool Edit Pro > SHN

DAT Transfer: Dustin Barlow (duslow@hotmail.com)
Track Splitting and SHN compression: Ben Mohr (bmohr@udel.edu)

Disc 1: (29:36)
1. Soundcheck Jam -> (4:55)
2. Here Comes Sunshine -> (12:13)
3. Bodhisattva Blues -> (7:13)
4. Feeling Alright (5:15)

Notes and Fixes:
-t1 fades in at beginning
-t4 cuts out...presumably from master DAT since all copies I have seen are cut.
-There is some soundboard static within the first 30 seconds of t1 that I left alone.
-Normalized 'show' to 98%.
-Preformed general click removal using SF4.5 Noise Reduction Plug-in.
-Removed a 8050 and 15750 Hz whine using Cool Edit 2000.

Well gang, not much is known about this show. Obviously, this is not a complete
recording since the jam segment fades in and the last track is cut, but it's all
we have for now. If anyone has more info, please let me know.

For all I know, this may not even be a Phish show, but a Jonese's show! These
songs have never been played before or since this show, so who knows, but now I
leave it up to you kind folks!!
Originally, that setlist above was in the HPB as being at "The Jones."
A later version of the HPB said:

5/4/86 Goddard College, Plainfield, VT
With the Joneses opening.
Phish has never played a venue called The Jones in Burlington. The set
list we had for this show was actually part of the Jonese set. We don't
have a copy of Phish's set so the list remains a mystery.

I assume that even though this notice is no longer listed in the current
version, there is no list at all, so that is probably correct and this
performance must be the Joneses...