Phish 6/10/89 - Set I
The Living Room
Providence, RI

Source: SBD>CassX (recorded in 10/94)

Transfer: Dennon DRW-840> Sony PCM-r500 at 44.1> Audiophile 2496> CD Wave Editor> FLAC on 11/18/04 by EEE

Disc 1 - Set I:
t01 - Antelope
t02 - McGrupp->
t03 - Ya Mar
t04 - You Enjoy Myself
t05 - Ac DC\Bag*
t06 - Foam
t07 - Good Time Bad Times

*Cool Edit Pro append used to join AC/DC Bag together where tape flip occured.

This may not be 6/10. My tape was labelled The Living Room in Providence 6/89. 6/10 is the only Living Room show they played in June, though I can find no setlist for 6/10. They say after GTBT they will be back for another set, so definetly a two set show. If anyone can clarify this please do so.