Phish - 6-29-89
Nectars, Burlington, VT.

Source: SBD> CassX (recorded in 1/95)

Transfer: Dennon DRW-840> Sony PCM-r500 at 44.1> Audiophile 2496> CD Wave Editor> FLAC on 6/12/05 by EEE

1. //Possum->
2. Divided Sky
3. Foam\\

This was filler on one of the cassettes I recently transferred. The setlist isn't in the HPB and I don't see 6/29/89 anywhere, so I thought I'd seed it. Good SKY, and some funny banter with Trey after Possum saying "Thank you, were Josey and the pussycats", then before FOAM they are looking for go go dancers and Trey calls out Ben Hunter and John Paluska to come up and dance. I'm going to guess that Hunter & Paluska are providing the vocals in FOAM.