October 31, 1989
Goddard College, Plainfield, VT

Source: SBD Cassette, unknown gen (low-ish)

Transfer: Cass > HHB > CDR > Flac

Disc One
Set One
01. Intro
02. Oh Kee Pah >
03. Suzy Greenberg
04. You Enjoy Myself >
05. AC/DC Bag >
06. The Divided Sky
07. Fee
08. Walk Away
09. Bathtub Gin >
10. Possum

Disc Two
Set Two
01. David Bowie
02. Wilson
03. Reba
04. Forbin >
05. Mockingbird >
06. Alumni Blues > (has some cuts!)
07. Letter to Jimmy Page >
08. Alumni Blues >
09. Lizards
10. Highway to Hell

Disc Three
01. Contact (E) >
02. Antelope (E) (CUTS DURING JAM!#@!)

03. Fuck Your Face (4/29/87, allegedly)

The online Spreadsheet doesn't have this show (I presume it will use this version soon).

The Fuck Your Face is the same version that used to circulate at the end of Side A on the first set tape of 4/29/87. It is listed in the 4/29/87 setlist, even though it is most likely filler from some other show. This is the only known "live" version of Fuck Your Face. I'm not sure who is singing in this version. It could be Mike, but if it is, then he makes a successful effort to sound unlike himself.

The Antelope (E) apparently included Kung, but this version cuts during the jam segment. Hopefully someone will circulate the full Antelope -> Kung -> Antelope (E) again one of these days.

Shownotes from the current version of the Mockingbird Foundation/Phish Companion setlists file: This was a benefit for Goddard�s sculpture building. The band�s Halloween costumes included Trey wearing devil horns, latex pants, and strap-on breasts (which he ran around fondling during the Ninja Custodian�s set) and Mike wearing a dog-faced mask. The band distributed boxes of macaroni and cheese for audience use during the Bowie intro. This Bowie, at over 20 minutes, was, at the time, one of the longest versions ever. The show closed with Trey returning to the Kung theme, as he promised to stage another runaway golf cart marathon this time next year.