The Bayou
Washington DC 1990-10-08
Set 2 only

Source- Master soundboard cassette

Transfer- Nakamichi BX-300> Tascam DR-100MkIII> 16/48 wav

Assembly- AACC for fades and edits, CDWav for tracks, TLH for flac8, MP3tag for tags


Suzy Greenberg
Hold Your Head Up > If I Only Had A Brain > Hold Your Head Up
Golgi Apparatus
Magilla >
Run Like An Antelope

end of show announcements


- No further processing done
- this is a 16/48 transfer
- I found this tape in my late brother-in-laws collection. He was activly taping shows back then. It was labeled as a soundboard master, and after listening to it I agree
- This one goes out to Jordie, miss you my friend and my brother.......set the gearshift for the high gear of your soul
- transferred, tracked and tagged by Mike Schuncke 8/23/2020