Unknown Location

Source: SBD > DAT
Transfer: DDS > vDAT > 16/48wav
Mastering: 16/48 wav > edits > tracking > 16/44.1 > FLAC16
Transfer by Rusty Grey
Mastering by Marmar -

1)? > Funky Bitch Jam
2)Fluffhead and Harry Hood (acoustic check)
3)Blap lab ba durrr rap bap batta boom drrrap (might be Fixin To Die)
4)Blues Jam
5)Dog Done Gone
6)Alive (Pearl Jam) > Mango//

So many spots of transcode errors...I decided to just leave them be. They are pretty rough in spots, so be aware of your playback volume! This soundcheck was on a DAT with a SBD copy of 7-23-93. It may very well be the soundcheck to that show. If anyone has any information on this soundcheck feel free to send corrections to me.