The Gorge
George, WA

*Brought to you by gotfob*

Source: (Taped by JP )
Schoeps Ccm4's FOB/DFC/Pit/In Hat > Sx-M2 > Pcm-1

Sv3700 > Lynx I > Sound Forge 16/44 Wav > Cdr

Cdr Transfer: (1.28.19)
Cdr > Eac > 16/44 Wav > iZotope Rx5 + Wavelab 6 > Cd Wave > TLH > 16/44 FLAC

Edits: (Levels were really hot)
iZotope Rx5:
-De-clicked w/Vinyl Preset to tame Claps and Remove Pops
-De-clipped w/Digital Clipping High Quality Setting,-0.8db Threshold,-2db Makeup Gain
-t01 8mn:17s649ms (321ms) Spectral Repair Default Setting
Wavelab 6:
-Join Tracks and Fades
-t12 Disc2 fade at end, Montage used to Crossfade Into t13

Set I
t01 The Squirming Coil
t02 NICU
t03 Stash*
t04 Reba >
t05 Fast Enough for You >
t06 When the Circus Comes To Town
t07 Run Like An Antelope

Set II
t08 Julius
t09 The Moma Dance >
t10 Piper
t11 Axilla >
t12 David Bowie
t13 Tube**
t14 Slave to the Traffic Light
t15 Sample in a Jar

*Stash included a Manteca tease.
**Trey's mic goes out at the end of Tube.