2018- 10/28: Allstate Arena; Rosemont, IL

October 28, 2018
Allstate Arena; Rosemont, IL

Show Time: 7:30 pm
Doors Open: 6:00 pm

Location: FOB, DFC

Source 1: Schoeps mk3 [aka mk2xs] (A-B @ 50cm )> Nbob actives> Naiant PFA> Sound Devides Mixpre6 (Mic in Channels 1/2 @ 24bit, 48kHz)

Source 2: Schoeps mk21/mk8 (MS)> Nbob KCY> Naiant PFA> Sound Devides Mixpre6 (Mic in Channels 3/4, onboard M/S Encode @ 24bit, 48kHz)

Source 3: Schoeps mk4v (20cm PAS)> Nbob KCY> Schoeps vms02ib> Sound Devides Mixpre6 (Line in Channels 5/6 @ 24bit, 48kHz)

Transfer: Sound Devides Mixpre6> USB-C> Macbook Pro> Reaper (Mixing, DSP if applicable)> Sound Studio (Tracking & Fades)> izotope SRC & Dither (if applicable)> xAct (Flacing and Tags)

16bit file sets have DSP (dynamics and eq processing), 24bit file sets are normalized from the raw files only

Recorded and Transferred by Phishrabbi (noahbickart@gmail.com)

Set One:

Set Two:


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