A Park in
Commerce City, CO
August 31, 2019

Source 1: Schopes mk21 (60 cm A-B)> Nbob KCY> Naiant IPA> Sound Devices Mixpre6 (mic in, Channels 1/2 @ 24-bit 96kHz)
Source 2: Schopes mk4 and mk8 (mid/side)> Nbob KCY> Naiant PFA> Sound Devices Mixpre6 (mic in, Channels 3/4 @ 24-bit 96kHz)
Location: FOB DFC, approx 6’ high
Transfer: Sound Devices Mixpre-6> Macbook> Logic (Fades)> Audacity (Tracking)> XLD

Recorded and Transferred by wforwumbo
Brought to you by Team Schoeps

Set I:
d1t01 intro
d1t02 The Moma Dance
d1t03 The Final Hurrah
d1t04 Gumbo
d1t05 Access Me
d1t06 Funky Bitch
d1t07 Ghost
d1t08 Tube
d1t09 Mountains in the Mist
d1t10 Drift While You’re Sleeping

Set II:
d2t01 intro
d2t02 Mike’s Song
d2t03 I Am Hydrogen
d2t04 Weekapaug Groove
d2t05 46 Days
d2t06 Set Your Soul Free
d2t07 Down With Disease
d2t08 NICU
d2t09 Bug
d2t10 The Wedge
d2t11 Slave to the Traffic Light
d2t12 encore break

d2t13 Brian and Robert
d2t14 Character Zero

Notes: My 16-bit, 44.1k matrix upload of last night has the incorrect sources; the sources listed here are correct. When doing the post work, I realized my levels were a bit hotter than I would have liked them - although the recording is still very listenable, expect last night’s and tomorrow night’s pulls to sound much better.