Quicksilver Messenger Service - "The Fool" Outtakes & Rehearsals, Capitol Studios, San Francisco, California, December 9th, 10th & 11th 1967 complete tape, uncirculated in this form, Soundboard.

1. The Fool take 7 + 6 inserts for take 9
2. The Fool take 3 +
3. The Fool instrumental version take 4 * (unbelivable version)
4-9. The Fool takes 1, 2, 5, 6 inserts for take 9
10. The Fool take 9

+Sid Page on violin
*Possibly David LaFlamme is the guy that plays violin, but unconfirmed.

I took forever, weeks of researches to exactly configure this reel to reel tape, that i had there laying
down....well, this is the mother tape of all the other tapes circulating as "1st lp outtakes". I had
a dozen of tapes as "1st lp outtakes", so i checked them one by one, including the recent one circulating
in different Cipollina's trees as JC master #80. Well i found out that all those versions of the Fool,
are taken from this tape, and this is the only tape that have all them together ! So probably it
happened that in the years somebody took pieces from this tape and mixed those versions with the
other songs of the 1st lp. I'm sure of this cause the 1st lp was recorded piece by piece between
late 1967 and early 1968, and they had different days and months in which they were rehearsing and
recording 1 particular song, so the point is that there are whole tapes with the recording of each song,
but all the tapes in circulation were assembled taking songs from a lot of different tapes. So, for example,
the session of the fool for the album official release took place December 19th 1967, so the date
i had on the reel to reel box make sense, even if it is not certain. Hope i gave you something to
enjoy and discuss about it.....

First generation reel to reel (revox) > amplifiers > tascam audio cdrw750 > cd > computer > plex tool professional XL > wav > flac.

No EQ was used this time, tape not needed any......just a raw recording like it originally was done.

Transfered, remastered & uploaded by 38f on Dime 2006.