Quicksilver Messenger Service
location unknown (see below)
Feb. 1968?

01. The Fool//
02. //If You Live (Your Day Will Come)
03. Smokestack Lightin'
04. It's Been Too Long
05. Back Door Man
06. Dino's Song

"Murray's Last Show"
location unknown (see below)
late 1967
07. Who Do You Love?

AUD? > ? > CDR > EAC > FLAC

This classic, but fairly hard to find recording goes under several different dates in 1968 and locations. Most dates seem to go in Feb. 1968, and I think that's probably a good spot for it. Locations vary from Carousel Ballroom to Matrix to somewhere in San Jose and "Murray's Last Show", of which I will explain below.

The recording circulates with a "WDYL?" on track #2, and with it's indeed Jim Murray. However, ears show this be a completely different show. The sound quality on it is much better, and it's SBD, compared to the rest of the recording which appear to be AUD. The AUD? recording sounds the tracks are indeed from the same show with the quartet QMS. Also, Jim Murray was gone easily gone by 1968.

So, I would guess is that someone down the line many years ago done this tracking order. In doing so, it probably is indeed a Feb. '68 show AND a track from Murray's last show, likely from mid-late '67. For Murray & "WDYL?" With that, I decided to move that "WDYL?" to the end of the CD now as the last track, #7. Maybe, and this is a big maybe, could the Feb. '68 material really be Carousel Ballroom, Feb 23, 1968 which is the only date I can conform by them outside the Quick & Dead tour of the Pacific NorthWest. We probably will never know.

I have to say the sound quality isn't so great, but it's not so terrible if one thinks of the equipment tapers had back then! The origin of these recordings isn't known. It might be possible someone, somewhere, has a cleaner or less gen. version. of this or if you have the rest of "Murray's Last Show", then by all means, share it with the rest of us. Also, in you EQ this recording, I request that you please let me and the others know.

For those that don't have this, you are in for a major treat. This is classic quartet blitzing away and blowing minds with some high class psychedelica, raunchy blues, and flower power pop. One of my all time favorate bands of all time in peak form!

As always, ENJOY!
-Tom S. (amellowsoul@happyhippie.com)