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"Edward's Dance" Studio Outs
July 23/24, 1969

Item #31 from John Cipollina's collection

MSR? > Teac X-300R 1/4 R2R playback > unknown model HHB CDRW/0 > unknown drive extraction (Easy CD-DA Extractor)
> tracking (CD Wave) > CD/1 (Easy CD Creator) > Plexwriter PX-W4824A extraction (EAC v0.9 beta 4)
> sector boundary verification (shntool v1.01) > level 8 FLAC encoding (Flac Frontend v1.7.1 etree edition).
EAC >>

FLAC by jjoops.

Disc One (10 tracks, 48:52)
01. Edward
02. Edward
03. Silliness/craziness and self-medication
04. Noodling
05. ditty, Edward
06. Edward, melodic jam
07. Edward, food talk
08. jazzy jam
09. ditty, noodling (sort of like "Down by the River")
10. noodling, Edward

Disc Two (9 tracks, 51:02)
01. Edward
02. Edward
03. ditties, including Auld Lang Syne
04. noodling
05. Edward
06. Edward
07. Edward
08. noodling, Edward
09. Edward

- Cipollina's reels are believed to be masters, but this is not 100% certain, hence the question mark. There is some occasional crackling (e.g., d2t03), and a few ticks in d2t03, and levels could be a bit higher, but generally this stuff sounds very nice.
- The material is really more "rehearsals" than outtakes, and it is both excellent (if you like "Edward", that is) and a lot of fun. I have just thrown together these track listings as a rough guide. None of these is a complete version of the tune, I don't think, but generally just practicing particular bits and pieces.
- Note I accidentally gave track names with "1968" rather than 1969. I manually edited the wav md5s after the fact, and also the flac filenames. If there are any problems with wav md5 verification, that's probably why.

Thanks to the generous provider of this wonderful material!

I received this as a Permavine from CipQuick@groups.msn.com