Quicksilver Messenger Service
Grateful Dead Bust Benefit
Winterland,S.F. Feb.23,1970

1-Bill Graham Intro
2-Fresh Air
4-Gold And Silver
7-Edward The Mad Shirt Grinder
8-/Pride Of Man

Audience Unknown Lineage > Reel >
M-Audio Transit > Cool Edit >
Cd Wave Editor > Flac

Taken From 2 Sources :

Source 1
Cleaner And Sounded Fuller
But Was Missing Pride Of Man.
The Tape Was Continuous Where
That Song Was Missing.

Source 2
Only Pride Of Man Used From
This Copy.Beginning Cuts
On All Known Copies And Is Usually
After Fresh Air Except On My
Other Source So I Left It At
The End.Interestingly, It Is Also
Continuous To Mona As On The
Other Source After Fresh Air.