Quicksilver Messenger Service - Place de' Rehearsal, Corte Madera,
California, March 4th 1970.

1. Warm Red Wine
2. May You Never Be Alone Like Me
3. Take a Stick of Bamboo
4. Copper Kettle
5. the Moonshiner
6. Strange Funny World
7. Jam (including themes from Elenor Rigby and My Favorite Things);
8. It's Easy
9. Where You Stayed Last Night
10. Ramblin' Blues Jam
11 A Minor Blues
12. Peace of Mind

Valenti, Cipollina, Duncan, Freiberg, Elmore, Hopkins.

Soundboard recordind straight from John's master.

Master reel to reel > eq > cd > plextor tool pro e. > wav > flac