Quicksilver Messenger Service - The Old Mill Tavern,
Mill Valley, Ca, March 29th 1970. (Easter Sunday Jam)

Disc One.

1. Subway pt. 1 (fades out)
2. Subway pt. 2 (fades in)
3. The Truth
4. John Talks
5. Mona
6. Baby Baby (first time played)
7. Rain
8. Mojo
9. Blues Jam #1 (w/ James Cotton)

Disc Two.

1. Blues Jam #2 (w/ James Cotton)
2. Flip Flop (w/ James Cotton)

New source, never in circulation from
my master stereo soundboard.

Master reel to reel > eaqualizer > cd > eac > flac > wav.

Absolutely one of the best 1970 shows, and on this new
source, besides "subway" that it was cut in 2 parts even
on John's master tape, cause there were some recordings
problems that day (they had some electricity problems, you
can hear that during the show, sometimes the mics & guitars's
plugs make a funny noise), the sound quality is really, really good.