Since i thought you need a little bit more before i leave, here
is the other show of the only 2 done with Cipollina by QMS in
their reunion tour....when i'm back i'll upload the complete
audience winterland show, but since quality of that really
sucks, i prefered to upload this first, has some evident flaws,
but is better sounding. I will upload the rehearsals, i have to
sort them cause i have many, and may be the other show from july
without cipo, but still interesting.....see you guys in a little bit....

Quicksilver Messenger Service - Armadillo World Headquarters,
Austin, Texas, December 21st 1975.
(partial show)

1. Fresh Air
2. Mona
3. Baby,Baby
4. Gypsy Lights
5. Heebie Jeebies
6. Cowboy on the Run (fragments)
7. Bitter Sweet Love
8. They Don't Know
9. What About Me (cut)
10. Worrying Shoes (cut)
11. Jam > (cut)
12. Freeway Flyer (cut)

Line-up :

John Cipollina - grt,vocals
Gary Duncan - grt,vocals
Greg Elmore - Drums
Dino Valente - vocals,gtr
Micheal Lewis - Keybrds
Skip Olsen - Bass

Decent audience, not too bad, i heard worst.

1st generation tape > eq > cd > plextor tool pro e. > wav > flac

Note : some drops between the songs, some early beginnings
missings, just consider that at least you can have this, better that
not have it at all.......since from sunday i'm gone, please carry
on to seed for the others, but i should not say it, cause you had
been great and i know you will do it as usual....