Quicksilver Messsenger Service - S.I.R. Outtakes Part 7_corrected (flac)


01. Honky Tonk, Jeckyll and Hyde 1
02. Worryin' Shoes 1
03. Worryin' Shoes 2
04. They Don't Know 1
05. Worryin' Shoes 3
06. Heebie Jeebie
07. Honky Tonk, Jeckyll and Hyde 2
08. Honky Tonk, Jeckyll and Hyde 3
09. They Don't Know 1
10. Honky Tonk, Jeckyll and Hyde 3

Lineage: maxell XL II 90 (low gen tape of unknown origin)> Sony TC WE435>Creative Audigy 2 ZS>Wavelight>Flac, Level5
Editing: No editing was applied
No artwork available

This torrent was banned from dimeadozen on April 3, 2006 for "lossy ancestry". I honestly don't know how this could happen and it's still a mystery for me. Anyway, I tried hard to get the original tape back. As soon as I got it, I redigitised the whole tape and sent track 01 to the dimeadozen mods for checking (thanks phantom51 and phenix059). They found it "perfectly safe" and gave me the green light for reuploading it.

I'd like to excuse myself for distributing lossy material to the 120+ people who snatched it. I'll do it in not only uploading a "safe" (corrected) version but including original studio commentaries and sounds to some of the tracks. This small extra may be worth for the aficionados to download it again and accept my excuses.