Hyatt Ballroom
Minneapolis, MN

SBD > DAT > Soundblaster Audigy2zs > Creative Wave Studio > wav >
Soundforge 8.0 > CD Wave Editor > FLAC

Recorded by: Unkown (DAT from the estate of Guy Gimbrone)
Transferred by: DreadyCubFan
Edited by: Rev. Mike

01 jam/tuning/One Eyed Jack false start
02 One Eyed Jack
03 Nightmare on the Misery Train

set I
d1t01 intro/technical difficulties/Zeke
d1t02 Spark Plug
d1t03 Make Fire
d1t04 Straight 8
d1t05 Suck The Head
d1t06 Devil's Dream
d1t07 Be Somebody
d1t08 Between Two Fires
d1t09 Doubled Up
d1t10 Love Is A Tangle->
d1t11 Mountain Jam-> Look Ka Py Py
d2t01 Smokin' Hole
d2t02 He Aint Give You None->
d2t03 Chevy 39
set II
d2t05 Henri->
d2t06 drums->
d2t07 Firewater
d2t08 Feedback Road
d2t09 Life On Mars
d2t10 Tomorrow Never Knows
d2t11 Hard Rock Kid
d2t12 Join The Circus
d3t01 Same Thing
d3t02 #2 Pencil
d3t03 Someone Like You
d3t04 Battle Of New Orleans
d3t05 Lonely Avenue
d3t06 CC Rider

All discs will be burn seamless on longer media.
The soundcheck is a little choppy, I edited out some dead space where
the board feed seemed to drop out, so you may notice a few jumps. I
would recommend putting it on the end of disc 3.

Dedicated to the memories of Guy Gimbrone (2/6/69 - 9/9/03) and Big Daddy Todd Moleski.