The Radiators
Saturday October 1, 2005
Taste of St. Louis festival
St. Louis, MO
also played: World Leader Pretend, Ozomatli, Neville Brothers

Source: SBD> JB3
Transfer: JB3> USB> SoundForge (fades, +9dB volume, tracking)> FLAC Frontend

Recorded, tracked, FLAC'ed and uploaded to by ScottT
Thanks to Brian for securing the board feed.
Thanks to the Rads for being so taper-friendly!

1. intro (board signal lost for a moment before the first song)
2. Sittin' On Top Of The World
3. Deep In My Voodoo
4. Soul On Fire
5. Death of the Blues
6. Ace In The Hole
7. Last Getaway
8. #2 Pencil> Someone Like You
9. Like Dreamers Do