Hummingbird Theatre, Toronto, ONT.

SOURCE: AKG C1000's (front row balcony) > Samson Mixpad 4 > TCD-D8
TRANSFER: D8 > Extigy (7-pin/optical) > Soundforge 6 (via USB) > CD WAV > Flac Frontend 1.71

Taped and transfered by Mike T.

Thanks to the Bermanator for helping me on this mission...
(see below)

Disc 1
1. You And Whose Army?
2. National Anthem
3. Morning Bell
4. 15 Step
5. Open Pick
6. Exit Music (for a film)
7. Dollars & Cents
8. Videotape
9. Bodysnatchers
10. There There
11. Street Spirit (fade out)

Disc 2
1. The Gloaming
2. Bangers 'n' Mash
3. Nude
4. Myxomatosis
5. Idioteque
6. How To Disappear Completely
7. ENC 1: Airbag
8. Pyramid Song
9. Arpeggi
10. Lucky
11. ENC 2: 4 Minute Warning
12. Everything In Its Right Place

This was quite the mission trying to get my gear in to the heavily guarded front entrance.
Security was tight everywhere, and thoroughly checking inside everyone's bags (of course, I dont have the most inconsipicuous gear...). And so unfortunately, they made me check my bag at the coat check.
However...a plan was created, implemented, and was distracted, the coat check lady was schmoozed...and here you go! ENJOY!