June 24, 2006
The Hearst Greek Theater
Berkeley, California

Source: DPA4061>MMA6000>iriver h120 (rockbox)>usb>pc
Location: DFC 5 rows behind soundboard
Editing: CEP 2.0 (knocked out clapper's peaks with short bursts of normalizing, normalized the whole thing to 0 db and faded)>cd wave (tracking)>flac
Taper/Editor: formengr
Total Run time: 2:04:06

01 Intro
02 Airbag
03 2+2=5
04 Where I End And You Begin
05 15 Step
06 Kid A
07 Dollars And Cents
08 Down Is The New Up [with long jam at the end]
09 Nude (false start)
10 Nude
11 Paranoid Android
12 No Surprises
13 The Gloaming
14 All I Need
15 Climbing Up The Walls
16 Burn The Witch (tease from Thom)**
17 Go Slowly
18 Myxomatosis
19 Bangers 'N Mash
20 How To Disappear Completely
-- encore 1
21 crowd
22 Fake Plastic Trees
23 Arpeggi
24 Black Star
25 True Love Waits (as intro to EIIRP)
26 Everything In Its Right Place
-- encore 2
27 crowd
28 Bodysnatchers
29 The Tourist

** The Hearst Greek Theater is an outdoor amphitheater. During the Soundcheck they
played an as yet unperferformed song assumed to be Burn The Witch. This little tease
is the same song played during the sound check.

Unfortunately (for you) due to the fans having a good time and applauding (where they
should),I had to do a bit of editing to remove their peaks. The whole recording was
then normalized to +0db.

Thanks to mondraryfields for the use of his premap and mics! Radiohead fans are truly
the best (mostly)!

Please don't trade lossy versions of these files because you screw up the trade pool.

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their progeny. If you see this show for sale on ebay, please report the seller to
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