Date: 06-26-2006

Venue: Embarcadero Marina South
San Diego, CA

Taper: Zepdog5

Source: Core-Sound Binaural mics w/bass roll-off filter > Sony MZ-NHF800 (Mic plug-in) > Sony 1GB Hi-MD disc.

Transfer: Sony MZ-NHF800 > 2.0USB cable > Sonic Stage v3.0 > download/convert to wav file on hard drive > cdwave audio editor v1.93.3 (cut into tracks, remove gaps, extra noise) > Wavepad V3.05 (adjust volume levels, add fade outs) > Flac frontend 1.7.1, level 7, verify, asb.


A big shout out to my taping/equipment PhD., Froyd. Last time we saw Radiohead was Coachella '04, so this was definitely overdue. Great scenic venue by the water, Radiohead once again has proven themselves as one of the best bands of all time. Awesome show, great setlist, and a crowd of about 7,000 or so. Incredible version of "The National Anthem." Hope you enjoy the show.


01. There There
02. 2+2=5
03. 15 Step
04. Morning Bell
05. Kid A
06. Arpeggi
07. Videotape
08. The National Anthem
09. Nude
10. Down Is The New Up
11. Paranoid Android
12. All I Need
13. The Gloaming
14. You And Whose Army
15. Idioteque
16. Bangers 'n Mash
17. How to Disappear Completely
Encore 1
18. House Of Cards
19. Street Spirit (Fade Out)
20. Just
21. Everything In Its Right Place
Encore 2
22. 4 Minute Warning
23. Lucky