Ramblin' Jack Elliott & Bob Dylan
Other End, New York City, New York
3 July 1975
Mono audience recording, 17 minutes
This is a very slight remaster of the complete original tape by Joe Kivak as described below - using T-Racks 24, I have applied a very slight compression and EQ adjustment which has brightened the guitar tones in particular.
stewART, January 2006

Ramblin' Jack Elliott (vocal & guitar)
2 ,3 Ramblin' Jack Elliott (vocal & guitar), Bob Dylan (backup vocal & guitar).
6 Bob Dylan (vocal & guitar).

1 intro 2.37
2 Pretty Boy Floyd (Woody Guthrie)
3 How Long (Leroy Carr)
4 talk 1.19
5 intro 0.20
6. Abandoned Love (Dylan)
7 interval 1.18
8 Ain't Nobody's Business (Trad)
9 1913 Massacre (Woody Guthrie)
10 intro
11 Reason to Believe (Hardin)
12 outro

From: Joe Kivak
Subject: Abandoned Love
Date: Fri, 31 May 1996 20:19:57 -0400

I was at that show and I was the one who taped it. I was sitting right under Dylan. At my table was Paul Siebel, Larry Estridge & Mayer Vishner. I can never forget the power that came out of every line in that song. Every line was better that the last one...It was an amazing moment that will stay with everyone who was in that room the rest of our lives.

When Dylan came up he was very nervous an for the first 2 songs he had the capo on the guitar crooked an it was buzzing the strings but he never noticed. He nervous an shy. Then after the second song (which Dylan never sang on,near the end of the song Jack looked at Dylan to sing a verse an Dylan shook his head no an then the song ended) For the first 2 songs they where both sitting down. Then Dylan asked Jack if he could use his guitar ("Can I Use Yours?"). An they switched guitars..An Dylan stood up for the next song an Jack diddent know what was coming an was gonna play with Dylan..But once Dylan started the song Jack moved to the back and just listened, Amazed like everyone else..And after Dylan sat down Jack started to do his next song an then realized he had the other guitar..That's how much in awe he was at what he just heard. Dylan had just out of nowhere blew everyone away with this song an then walks off an sits back down. An now its up to Jack who like ever one else couldent believe what he just heard.

After the show was over we took the tape up to WBAI where Mayer Vishner was doing a show an played at about 4 in the morning.. Then the sun came up an it was now the 4th of July... A night i'll never forget.

Joe Kivak