Just when i get the message from DIME that my previous torrent of this show has been deleted i've finished my new torrent of this beautiful show. I've seeded the previous one about 5 months ago. Meanwhile there's been another seeder with another version (with another source) of this show. So i decided to make a complete one of this phantastic performance. I've tried to match the two different sources to get one comlete show with no break in sound. This was difficult in cause of the different sources. I realized that the channels has been changed. Also i realized that my previous torrent has been to fast: about 4%. I'm sorry about that - but I got the show like this. Also the order of the other seed has been wrong. I've corrected all of this and now there rest only one small problem: the whole show doesn't fit on an 80-min CDR anymore. So i've decided to splitt the show like you see.

In cause of my poor english, i can't explain exactly what i've done when i equalized the whole show. But i've taken several EQ-steps, listen again to the new product, take another EQ-program, listen again and so on. Now this show is full of power and sounds really great on my stereo. Just listen to the MP3s in the comments.

Okay, friends and users of DIME, here it is

CARLOS SANTANA 2000-01-29 Maison de la Radio, SDB, Radio France, France

Private concert for supernatural - the complete show (except breaks for merchandising spots)

Maison de la Radio, Paris, France, 29th january 2000

It was winter in France but Carlos Santana put fire in the Radio Station during this private concert. It was during the promo tour of Supernatural. A wonderful concert with full of joy and power!

Setlist ( see also :

d1t01 Intro / Spiritual
d1t02 Yaleo
d1t03 Migra
d1t04 Love Of My Life
d1t05 Put Your Lights On
d1t06 African Bamba
d1t07 Day Of Celebration

d2t01 Victory Is Won
d2t02 Maria Maria
d2t03 Bacalao Con Pan
d2t04 Drums
d2t05 Black Magic Woman / Gypsy Queen
d2t06 Oye Como Va
d2t07 Apache / Smooth
d2t08 Jingo

Running time: 01h 35min 19s

Size: Flac: 693 MB Wav: 963 MB

Artwork: I'm sorry, but i can't find it anymore on my several hdds. If i do i will post it in the comments - or perhaps someone else will do....

I dedicate this work to Walli, the love of my life (and i'm no more young indeed), because without her this all won't be possible.