Cynthia Woods Mitchel Pavillion

Source: (SP-CMC-2) > CSBB (set on 107 bass rolloff) > JB3 (44.1 wav format)
Location: Right side of stage,a few rows midpoint,mics clipped to glasses
Transfer: JB3 > livewire > Soundforge (track splits) > FLAC

Notes: I was right side of the stage, I thought the sound wouldn't be clear or balanced,but the recording came out ok. As ususal my recording has a few glitches, mic placement/fiddling but only between songs.In order to get this to fit on two disc, I did cut out some in between audience chatter/wooing, but no music was messed with.

One important note: I caught the radio anouncement before the concert through my JB3 remote, (any JB3 owner with a remote knows what I am talking about.) The jb3 remote has a built in fm radio that you can capture to the jb3 by recording in mp3 format. I wanted the anouncement on this recording, so I converted the radio anouncement to wave and included it. The concert was recorded in 44.1 wav format.

Disc I
01A_Santana FM radio anouncment
01 Peace Intro/Jingo
02 I Am Somebody
03 Put your lights on
04 Aye,Aye,Aye
05 Aranjuez/Maria Maria
06 Foo Foo
07 Europa
08 Corazon Espinado
09 Incident At Neshabur
10 Twisted
11 Carlos Talk
12 Venus/Sun Ra Freak Out
13 Yaleo
14 Bass & Drums

Disc II

01 Yaleo
02 Bass & Drum
03 Band Intros
04 Trinity (with Robert Randolph & The Family Band)
05 Boogie Woman
06 Apache/Smooth/Dame Tu Amor
07 Black Magic Woman/Gypsy Queen
08 Oye Como Va
09 Evil Ways
10 A Love Supreme (John Coltrane)