Savoy Brown W/ Kim Simmonds
Chicago City Limits
Schaumburg, Il.
130 minutes

Lineage: AKG 414 XLS > Edirol UA-5 (T-Mod)> Optical > Iriver H120
Transfer: Iriver H120 (Wav) > USB > Magix Audio CLeaning Lab > Wav >Flac
Mics ran in Blumlein Pattern , 15 ft Left from Center / 10 ft. back from stage
Taped &Transfered By Mark E

Disc 1
1. ? Wouldn't It Be A Drag ?
2. Street Corner Talking
3. ?Keep On Rolling?
4. You Dont Do A Thing For Me
5. I Don't Remember You Baby
6. Tell Mama
7. ???
8. My Home Is A Highway

Disc 2
1. All Night Long
2. Monday Morning Blues
3. Long As I Got You
4. All I Can Do (Is Cry)
5. Blues Jam
6. Blues Jam II **
7. Blues Jam III

**= With Jeff Massey from The Steepwater Band

Sorry for the lack of a setlist. I kinda made a couple up as I went along. I wasnt very familiar with his song titles..
Kim is a great Blues Rock guitarist. He played as a 3 piece this time around. Real good guitar work . Show
runs 2 hrs. Played stuff from his whole Career. If anyone know the setlist please let me know and I'll
update this.. Check him out. Its some great music!Sound quality is excellent, worth your time to hear him!
I ran my shiny new Iriver H120 for the 1st time. Used optical input and had no problems.. The Iriver only
records for 80 minutes per wav file, so I spliced my DAT into the gap, you would never know if I didnt tell you though...
Mark E

And as always, do not sell, basterdize to MP3 of any other funny business to the recording!!!!