String Cheese Incident (with Peter Rowan)
10/16/99 (Sat) Suwanee River Music,
Magnolia Festival -
Live Oak, FL
Source: MG210 (XY, fob) > M248 > SBM1(mod) > D8 (16/48)
Transfer: D8 > VX Pocket > SFS (resample 44.1) cdwav > flac

Set 1: Black Clouds > Born On The Wrong Planet > Mouna Bowa,
Sing a New Song, Meet Me In The New World* > Panama Red*,
The Dawn of Creation*, Sweet Melinda*, Water, Jellyfish >
Jam > Land's End > I Know You Rider*#, E: Free Mexican Airforce*#,
That High Lonesome Sound*#

Comment: * with Peter Rowan. # with Reverend Jeff Mosier