Seldom Scene <br>1/31/89 <br>OT Price's, Soquel, CA <br> <br>Source: SBD > ?? > DAT @ 44.1Hz <br>Transfer: Tascam DA-20 > Sek'd Prodif Plus > SFv6.0 > CDWav > Flac Frontend @ 44.1Hz <br> <br>Lineup: John Duffy - mandolin, vocals; Mike Auldridge - dobro; Ben Eldridge - banjo, vocals; T. Michael Coleman - bass, vocals; Lou Reid - guitar, vocals <br> <br>1.// Breaking New Ground <br>2.How Mountain Girls Can Love <br>3.Wait A Minute <br>4.Old Train <br>5.Satan's Choir <br>6.Big Train from Memphis <br>7.Train 45 <br>8.Small Exception Of Me <br>9.West Texas Wind <br>10.Blue Ridge <br>11.In Despair <br>12.I'll Be Know Stranger There <br>13.Only A Hobo <br>14.Darlin Cory <br>15.This Morning At Nine <br>16.Muddy Water <br>17.Lil' Georgia Rose <br>18.And On Bass <br>19.Sunshine <br>20.Hit Parade of Love <br>21.House of the Rising Sun > Walk Don't Run <br>22.After Midnight <br> <br>23.E: Lay Down Sally <br>24.Walk Thru This World With Me <br> <br>Tracks 23 and 24 could not be found at the time of the transfer