Taj Mahal Live at the Valley Music Center 1971-12-31 fragment uncirculated reel master

First of all, thank you to Dime member 38f for all the help and support. Thank you thank you!!!

This is eight minutes of sheer energy!

Taj Mahal was in fact on the bill with the group Spirit for this evening. I would say that one opened for the other, but in truth I don't know who went first, or if there were other bands present. I do know that Mr. Mahal was playing during the midnight hour, when the year 1971 turned into the year 1972, as the new-years countdown appears on this tape. I *don't* know if he was playing as a solo act throughout the entire concert, as only he appears on this short 8 minute fragment. Even at 8 minutes, it's a nice filler for that bootleg live "party cd" you've been bogarding while people stand around your shoulder whispering "Damn! When is (s)he gonna finish and print that sucker so I can take a copy!"

As for the "other band"... I *do* have the complete show or close to it. Once the tracklist is finalized, you shall have it... or don't you want it? Let me know, ok?

Lastly, the Valley Music Center is indeed somewhere in California.

Pushin' and Shovin'
Happy New Year! and Clap Jam

I don't really know the title of the second piece, and it may not have one. If you recognize it as anything else, please let us know.

Did I say thank you, Fabio?


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