Taj Mahal
The Jabberwocky
Syracuse University
Syracuse, NY
November 6, 1972

Master Reel > DAT > CDR (HHB CD800) > Audio Cleaning Lab 2004 (for track ID placement and level adjustment) > CDR (NEC CD-RW NR-9100A) > EAC > FLAC > You!

TT = 64:58

Taj Mahal: kalimba (African Thumb Piano), banjo, Mississippi National steel guitar

01. introduction (0:51)
02. "Kalimba Tune" (4:43)
03. Tom and Sally Drake (7:20)
04. Dust My Broom (5:08)
05. Cakewalk Into Town (3:27)
06. Going Up To The Country, Paint My Mailbox Blue (3:51)
07. Good Morning Little Schoogirl (4:51)
08. Done Changed My Way Of Living (5:17)
09. Fishing Blues (5:26)
10. Ain't Nobody's Business If I Do (3:53)
11. Fannie Mae (7:36)
12. Annie's Lover (4:26)
13. Put Your Foot On The Rock (8:09)

Though not up to the quality of the revelatory 1971 Fillmore East show with the Real Thing lineup, this solo acoustic show from the following year has more than its share of inspired moments to recommend it. In addition to the many songs in the set which have become synonymous with Mr. Taj's career, songs like "Fannie Mae", "Annie's Lover" (which originally appeared on the solo disc of the Giant Step album LP) and "Put Your Foot On The Rock" - which appears to be a largely improvised performance - are joyous surprises. Hope you dig it!

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