Talking heads
University Campus
26th January 1977


I put this as possible PreFM because the first track
features talking of the radio announcer he says
Ok give me 10 seconds and then does the count from 10 down
before introducing the show
I couldnt find anymore info on this disc other than
there are apparntly to shows an early and late...this one
being the late show

01 Radiointr
02 Love Goes To Building On Fire
03 Uh oh, Love Comes To Town
04 Dont Worry About The Government
05 Take Me To The River
06 The Book I Read
07 New Feeling
08 A Clean Break
09 Stay Hungry
10 Thank You For Sending Me An Ange
11 Pulled Up
12 No compassion
13 Psycho Killer
14 I'm Not In Love
15 Love Is All Around