Talking Heads
Sun Plaza Concert Hall,
Tokyo, Japan
February 27, 1981

Source \ lineage: SBD(x)>CD(2)>eac>flac (level 8)

1) Psycho Killer *removed*
2) Stay Hungry *removed*
3) Cities
4) Drugs
5) Once in a Lifetime *removed*
6) Houses in Motion
7) Born Under Punches *removed*
8) Crosseyed & Painless
9) Life During Wartime
10) The Great Curve

Holland 1978:
11) The Book I Read
12) The Girls Want To Be With The Girls

Milan July 1982:
13) Mind

Ok...i think we have it right now!:...

Most of these songs were released on "The Name of This Band Is...", but I figgered I'd give ya the rest that aren't. This is a top-notch show, and although the best of the lot were officially released, you'll still get some gems. If ya wanted to have the full show in order, ya could do that too, and as the quality on this is probably just as good as the officially released stuff, the copy would be pretty flawless...This one is a true A+!

Thanks everyone fer figgering out the source of the last three songs!!!

"Animals" is credited as being from this show on the expanded CD edition (at least according to the Mods ;), It was not included on my supposedly complete I can't tell if this is the complete performance. For some unknown reason, I have been unable to find a comprehensive Talking Heads page...someone should do something about that...

Here are the comments that I based the released material on...sorry fer any confusion:

In comment #1223763 nawkdivad wrote something like this:

According to the liner notes (page 22, folks) in the reissue of "The Name of This Band is Talking Heads," the following songs were recorded at Sun Plaza Concert Hall in Tokyo:

Psycho Killer
Warning Sign
Stay Hungry
Born Under Punches

You did NOT have to remove these songs because they were recorded elsewhere:

Crosseyed & Painless (<--EMERALD CITY, CHERRY HILL, NJ)
The Great Curve (<--CENTRAL PARK, NY)

And keep these songs from the torrent, as is:

Houses in Motion
Life During Wartime

In comment #1223809 arnold113 wrote something like this
nawkdivad is absolutely correct!!!!

notsaved- I am very grateful for this upload. But could you please pull this one off the tracker, remove `Once in a lifetime`, add Drugs / Houses / Life during... back on and reupload (= perfect!!!!). thanks in advance