Talking Heads
Red Rocks Amphitheater
Morrison, Colorado

Source: ? Mics > Sony TC-D5M > MSC > Nakamichi Dragon > 2nd Gen Cassette (Maxell MX110); Taped by Brad Lust
Transfer: Tascam 112MKII > M-Audio 2496 > Sound Forge 8 44.1Khz @ 16bit WAV > CD Wave > Flac; by Dub Irie 2006-06-27


01 - Psycho Killer
02 - Heaven
03 - Thank You For Sending Me An Angel*
04 - Building On Fire
05 - The Book I Read
06 - Slippery People
07 - Cities
08 - Big Blue Plymouth (Eyes Wide Open)
09 - Burning Down The House
10 - Life During Wartime (tape-flip cut)
11 - Making Flippy Floppy
12 - Swamp
13 - What a Day That Was
14 - Speaking In Tongues
15 - Once In a Lifetime
16 - Big Business/I Zimbra
17 - Burning Down The House

Total Time: 88:13



This is a decent quality audience recording of a great show from the "Stop Making Sense" tour. I attended this show but can't imagine how anyone taped it because it had to be the most raucous crowd I have ever saw at Red Rocks. It was a sold-out sea of dancing people that night - the hottest ticket that summer for sure. The place was wild from start to finish.

Normally I reserve my seeds for higher quality recordings but this one has "mojo". It has a couple of early level glitches and could be cleaner,
but overall - not too bad for the place and time, and if you love the Heads you
should grab it. Burning down the house, I would have to say, did happen.

etree lists one incomplete copy held by one individual with no other info. An A- recording he says, but has anyone seen it? - Dub Irie 2006-06-27