Umphry's Mcgee
12.06.05 - Crystal Bay Club
Crystal Bay, Nevada

Neumann KM184>(t-mod)UA5>(Oade mod)R-1
R-1 USB>SF 6.0>cd wave>flac

Set One:
d101 Intro
d102 Uncle Wally > Jazz Odyssey > 2nd Self
d103 Water > The Fuzz > Pick Your Nose
d104 Professor Wormbog
d105 Hey 19 > Jazz Odyssey > We're Going to War > Andy's Last Beer

Set Two:

d201 Hurt Bird Bath > "Jimmy Stewart" > Mail Package
d202 I Ran > Kimble
d203 Bad Poker*

d301 Hajimemashite > Ringo
d302 Sweetness > Hurt Bird Bath
d303 Encore Break
d304 Encore: Bright Lights

* with Sweet Home Alabama teases
last partial Pick Your Nose 11.01.03 (last jam 11.05.04)

um 2005-12-06d302.flac:8e563230cce66d8cca05f35ae1ba8082
um 2005-12-06d303.flac:0ccc9e72048eaf10b91441489203a94f
um 2005-12-06d304.flac:0d8c316f0d8b3d25adf67462e287c5dc
um 2005-12-06d101.flac:5a8ae7cc208891a51c0b5bd82fc9c379
um 2005-12-06d102.flac:c10ef83eb6875291690e6331fd8bfef5
um 2005-12-06d103.flac:d40b2bfd28967f7a53b86c38667e4ce9
um 2005-12-06d104.flac:6f3dd09b1ce50ba4d8c62578793ae58a
um 2005-12-06d105.flac:1132205371b5063330f566ddf515f936
um 2005-12-06d201.flac:0b5f1e8927e930ddde665dacd50d65f9
um 2005-12-06d202.flac:b0b59a6f23c0c5e7f06951f69b7f1dfc
um 2005-12-06d203.flac:d63723a893b15cf9009d38c651836480
um 2005-12-06d301.flac:d454694d59f48f77e8cfb50ad5c49a7b