Umphrey's McGee
May 30, 2006
Hoyt Sherman Place
Des Moines, IA

Source: Peluso CEMC-6(matched pair)->V3(optical)->JB3 (16bit, 44.1khz)
Location: ~10th row dead center
Transfer: Jb3>USB1.1>PC
Encoding: wave>cdwave (tracksplits)>flac level 8
Taped, Transferred, Encoded, and Seeded By: Ian Strack (ian.strack@(nospam)

Set One

Disc One:

2.Intentions Clear#
3.The Bottom Half >
4.Believe the Lie > "Jimmy Stewart" > Believe the Lie
6.Mulche's Odyssey > Jazz Odyssey > Mulche's Odyssey
7.Wife Soup

Disc Two:

1.Professor Wormbog
2.Example 1
3.Andy's Last Beer > "Jimmy Stewart"
4.Morning Song
5.Pay the Snucka

#Levels Adjustment