Umphrey's Mcgee
The Lawn at White River State Park
Indianapolis, IN

Source: AKG 460B/ck 61 (XY stand @ 7 ft)->Segue Dogstar Silver XLR's->
Lunatec V2-> Dogstar Silver interconnects-> Sonic AD2K+-> TCD-D10 Pro II

Transfer: Tascam DA-20->Monster Coax->Maudio 410->Wavelab 5.0->FLAC

recorded and transfered by: Chris Hall

Set I/Disc I

1. Wife Soup
2. Professor Wormbog
3. The Haunt->
4. "Jimmy Stewart"->
5. White Man's Moccassins
6. Glory->
7. Words->
8. Who Knows*->
9. Hurt Bird Bath

Set II/Disc II

1. Dump City
2. Believe the Lie
3. Eat
4. Bright Lights->
5. The Triple Wide->
6. Digital Buddha^->
7. The Triple Wide^^

Set II/Disc III
1. Mulche's Odyssey#
2. Crowd
3. Slacker##

*one verse
^with the Disco Biscuits replacing Umphrey's one by one until only Andy was left on percussion
^^with all of Umphrey's returning to the stage except Brendan, leaving Jon Gutwillig to complete The Triple Wide; with Stairway to Heaven teases
#with Don't Fear the Reaper tease
##with Another Brick In the Wall intro jam