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Tut Taylor Tape #107

Recording:Soundboard:FM? > Sony HF 90 Cassette (Type I)
Transfer:Sony HF 90 Cassette (Type I):Nakamichi CR-5A>
Lunatec V3 (24/48)>AES/Coaxial RCA>M-Audio Firewire 410>6-pin Firewire>
Wavelab 5.0a

Transfer By: Keith Kreider
Post Processed using Nuendo/Waves Q10 equalizer, X-Hum, X-noise,
Linear Phase Lowband EQ, C1,
S1 Stereoimager and Rverb.
Rendered to 16/44 using Waves L2 Ultramaximizer (Type 1, Ultra).

Tut Taylor Archive Cassette #107 contains
two separate recordings.

Side A is a live performance at the Strawberry Festival
(Camp Mather, CA, 9/15/91) by Vassar Clements,
with David Grisman, John Hartford, Mark O'Connor,& Gene Libbea.

Side B contains what appears to be
several studio session recordings by Vassar Clements;
on the first several songs it
sounds like David Grisman on mandolin, but then Vassar is supported
by a full band that sounds like the Earl Scruggs Revue
(with Earl Scruggs and Josh Graves).
The tunes on Side B are also found on Archive Reels #14 and #47.
Mitchell Wittenberg
Tut Taylor Archive Cassette #107

Side A:

Vassar Clements & Friends(w/ David Grisman, John Hartford, Mark O'
Connor, & Gene Libbea)
Strawberry Festival Camp Mather, CA 9/15/91?

1. (Silent)
2. (Intro)...Roll in My Sweet Baby's Arms
3. Kissimmee Kid
4. Doin' My Time
5. Carter Blues
6. Lonesome Fiddle Blues
7. Paddy on the Turnpike (Avalanche)

8. (XXX)Tut Taylor Archive Cassette #107 Side B:
Vassar Clements Studio Sessions?
Earl Scruggs Revue?

Circa Early-Mid 1970s
Unknown Location

1. (Silent)
2. Lonesome Fiddle Blues
3. Kissimmee Kid
4. House of the Rising Sun (?)
5. I Know What It Means to Be Lonesome
6. Lonesome Reuben
7. Orange Blossom Special
8. Just Joshin'
9. Travelin' Down This Lonesome Road
10. Foggy Mountain Breakdown
11. Home Sweet Home
12. Instrumental (?)
13. Lonesome Road Blues (x)