Wailers Plays Dub (Soundcheck)
Niceto Club,Buenos Aires,Argentina
14th March 2003

This is a real gem that I was wondering to share.It's my own and only record of the soundcheck of a great and intimate show of some of The Wailers on their second visit to Argentina.
Javier Da Rocha, the argentinian promoter and a good friend of mine arranged with Aston Barrett to play a Dub show the day after they have played at Obras, an open air venue with 18.000 attendees.
Aston told Junior Marvin and "Drummie Zeb" Williams (not the Aswad boy, the actual Wailers drummer) to play with him while the keyboards were played by a young argentinian named German.
The soundcheck was private, only 3-4 technicians, the band, the promoter and me.
I was scheduled to play some of my rare Wailers records and to tell some stories, like a "small RoJah Steffens" lecture while Junior Marvin was to play a DJ set ( with my records).
It was a great night concert for about 1000 attendees and it is supposed that was not recorded, even by the Wailers sound engineer, Karl Toppin, that had problems with his DAT recorder.
So that my small Sony recorder that was at the bar next to the beer I was drinking, hold this precious moments for all of us.
I have promised German (keyboards) to make a copy for him since that day and...as Jamaicans say...soon come!!
Now that I have a new PC and I'm trying to rip my old tapes to digital, this is what I have chosen to begin. It's for all reggae-dub lovers.
I have attached a flyer scans where you can see mislabeled Junior and Zeb names-nicknames, but you can see me as "Bush Teledoctor" , my "nom de reggae".


0- Redemption Song (take 1)
1- Redemption Song (take 2)
3- Tuning and chat
4- More tuning,chat and some dub
5- More dub
6- More dub and a Melodica
7- Final dub


Sony(built-in-mic)Recorder at the bar 3 meters from the stage>an old shoe box I have found with lots of tapes>Nero>WAV>dBPowerAMP Music Converter>Flac>DIME>not a shoe box> your ears


Made with FLAC Frontend on another file

Ripped by Dr.Alvaro Gaynicotche (A.K.A. "Angel Sordo" or "Bush Teledoctor") downsouth Uruguay the day after his 44th birthday (25/1/06).
Please don't hesitate to thank me nor rate it. And be sure that if you make some mp3 with this files or sell them... a buummbooklaaat demon will crash your computer.I promise.