Waybacks with Bob Weir
Great American Music Hall
San Francisco CA

Recorded with 3 CM 300 Naks X-Y, 2 CP4's (Guns) 1 CP3 (Omni) DAT > ? > flac16

Set 1
From the Pasture to the Future
I've Been Around
In the Night
Jack Straw*
Big Iron*
Major Sally > Tomorrow Never Knows*
Casey Jones*
Petrified Man*
The Weight*
19th Nervous Breakdown>*
Big River*

Set 2
The Blacksmith
Hot Kranski
Brown Eyed Women*
Kashmir >*
Saint Stephen >
The Eleven>*
Last Time*
The New Orleans*
Cumberland Blues*

Like A Rolling Stone*
Brokedown Palace*

* - w/ Bob Weir

Recorded by Rob R.

FLAC compression, md5 and ffp by Gary Field 2006/05/01